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.:Anime North '09 report:.

Journal Entry: Tue May 26, 2009, 4:43 PM

Mes Écritures

So after getting back on the sleep I missed on at AN, I feel awake enough now to type up a journal report on probably the best con in a long time. <3

also, if you have facebook, add me and you'll be able to see all the pics and vids i took. :3

Thursday, May 21st

Jonathan (my little brother) and I get on the 8:40AM flight to Toronto. Meanwhile, Morganne and Sabrina, two great friends from back home in Ottawa, are on their way by Greyhound. :3

My bro and I wore masks and surgical gloves on the plane. Mum wouldn't have let us go w/o them, what with that damn swine flu going around. D:

After a relatively short flight (only lasted 3hrs and a half, woot!), we arrive in Toronto!! We get off the plane, practically skipped our way to the baggage claim and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

We didn't see our suitcase. I was getting pissed and nervous because OMG the Toronto airport always fucks up somehow. D:<

Turns out, however, that they had left one luggage cart unpacked. So we managed to get our suitcase (THANK GOD).

Afterwards, we headed towards the DoubleTree hotel on the free shuttle (saving le monnies~). Got to the hotel, checked in and waited for Morganne and Sab to get here.

When they got there, we went to our room to drop off their stuff then headed downstairs for the pre-reg pick-up stuffies.

People were already cosplaying! And the con starts officially the next day! XD

Got to the table, got our registrations (I also picked up Matt's and Cassie's, two of my cousins who were arriving the next day) and went back to the room to drop everything off. The people at the reg table told us that they'd be getting the Meet & Greet tickets in an hour or so, so we went for food in the meantime.

Got back to the room, ate, then went back and got M&G tickets for everyone. :3

Went back to the room, thinking we got everything... then realising that the Saturday Brunch tickets weren't in our registration bags. D:<

So we went back for those, too. the anime north people aren't always very organised; can you tell?

Then we basically crashed in our room and watched TV, all four of us squished in the Queen sized bed. XD

Twas le epic. :3

Friday, May 22nd

We woke up at around 10AM to get food and stuff. Our room had a perfect view of the Toronto Congress Centre (TCC) and we could already see people lining up to get their registrations! :faints:

this is why you go to the thursday pre-reg, people. XD

We basically went to see the line and asked people for pictures cuz they were already cosplaying. X3

Matt, who is mattdragontamer, and Cassie arrived at around noon, so we met up with them and hung out for a bit. :3

At 3PM, the M&G started, so our gang made our way to the New York room. As the line is starting to move, I take a quick peek behind me AND THERE'S VIC MIGNOGNA.

... I honestly had such a hard time not squeeing. D:

So, Morganne, Sab, Jonathan and I sit down. I'm trying to keep my cool cuz I don't wanna explode from pure fangirl bliss. *facepalm*

Hey, don't judge me. XD I've been waiting to meet him again since he last came in 2005, OK? XD And the sad part was, at that time, I hadn't watched FMA yet! I only watched it and became obsessed with it AFTER AN'05. D':

So. First dude we meet is the one and only Yuri Lowenthal~! <3

I sorta already splurged on how amazed he was with my Suzaku drawing here (…) but yeah. That man's awesome. <3

After he had signed my drawing, I told him I was a fan of the Suzaku and Lelouch pairing and was wondering if he could say something along the lines of "I love you, Lelouch."

AND HE DID. I posted the video on my Facebook, so please, for the love of all that's yaoi, GO CHECK IT OUT. Even if you don't have a Facebook, SIGN UP. XD I swear, you will squee at how sincerely he says it. Like, omg. I fangasm'd. :|

Then we met Tara Platt, who voices Temari, then Carrie Savage, who voices... uh... someone. >_>

Then we went to see Vic.


When it was my turn (cuz we basically all went together, the six of us, to go talk to him), I asked him if he could sign two things for me and he was all, "Sure!"

So, I got him to sign my FMA movie special boxset thingie. He asked for my name and I said, "It's Ah-lee-ssa. A-l-y-s-s-a." And he's all, "Sounds like it should be pronounced 'Ah-li-ssa,' shouldn't it?" and then I was like, "Well, mine's the Italian pronounciation."

Then he turned around, making this O_O face and was all, "Italiano?? Ah, paysan! <3" because he is also Italian. :3

So, he signed my FMA movie, then I asked him to sign my Ikkaku drawing. I started pulling my pic out of my binder and he was all, "Alright, it's my home boy!" and then signed it. <3 (check out my Ikkaku dev for the sigs~)

We then went to meet Hiyama Nobuyuki-san, who also voices Ikkaku in Japanese. I asked him to sign the drawing, as well! 8D I got both the English aaaaaaaand Japanese voice actors of Ikkaku! Two birds, one stone, w00t!

Then met Jessie Flower, who voices little fish and a little turtle in Finding Nemo~ <3

I then went back to Hiyama-san and asked if he could say "BANKAI!" in Ikkaku's voice. Which he did. And it was AWESOME. (that vid is also on my Facebook~)

After the M&G, we went to a Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt panel~ One girl asked Yuri if he was for yaoi and he was all, "I'm for love, so let it be yaoi, yuri, tentacles... OK, let's not get into that. XD It's all good with me. :3" He also thought that when he saw Yuri Paddles that they were paddles that would hit him or something because he didn't know what yuri was at the time, LMAO. He also did Suzaku's psychotic laugh... can anyone tell me what episode that's from? D:

We then went for food for an hr~

Then went back for Vic's panel~ at the end of it, he was selling some albums of his, so I bought Metafiction. I swear, you guys, it's awesome. <3

We then went back to the room, grabbed our bracelet glowsticks and marched on to the J-Rave happening in the TCC. They played this remixed version of the Mortal Kombat theme and also played the Carameldansen. >:3

Saturday, May 23rd

First went to the Saturday Brunch with the Guests and managed to sit with Yuri~ He didn't stay for long, though. D': BUT OMG HE'S GOT THE CUTEST PARISIAN FRENCH. <333

I then got the Metafiction CD signed by Vic~ <3

And then we headed to the Quatre Koe (Four Voices) Concert, where we stayed to watch Hiyama-san, Jessie Flower and Vic sing~ *3*

Hiyama-san sang two of his character singles, his Hiei one and someone else's that I didn't know. XD

Jessie Flower sang OK. I'm picky when it comes to singers... XD She sang some country songs, so that was kinda boring. D:

And then Vic came on stage. :iconimhappyplz:

He sang a couple of songs from Metafiction, also sang his English version of Tamaki's char song, Guilty Beauty Love. Which was AMAZING. I was a bit of it on my Facebook, too~ He also sang Soldier A, LOL. That song's made of win. XD And then he showed Fullmetal Fantasy, a fanvid he made of FMA. I wish he could sell it somehow, but he apparently can't because Funimation won't let him cuz of legal reasons. D: BUT it was awesome to see it again~! <333 At least Funimation is letting him who it at cons again. :3

After that, we went to our room for a bit, and then headed for the Dealer's Room/ Comic Market for some shopping. ^_^

Matt was also keeping a "secret cosplay" from me, until we looked out the window of our room and saw a tall No Face walking around. We were all, "OMG look that-- IT'S MATT!" So then we ran down to go find him. XD He's planning Porco Rosso for next year. 8D

We then got food and went to our room. Matt joined us and we all watched Ponyo, a new film from Miyazaki. Twas cute~

We interrupted the movie to go watch the 404's for an hour, then went back and finished the movie. We then crashed. XD

Sunday, May 24th

IT'S THE LAST DAY. ;________________;

We checked out of our room and went to put our stuff at the coat check for the day. We then grabbed some breakfast at Timmie's (where Vic was getting some breakfast as well, lol)

We spent most of the day lazing around, walking and talking pictures of cosplays. :3 There was a Hetalia photoshoot going on outside of the TCC, so we took a couple of pics of that~ <3

Shopped some more at the Dealer's Room, picked up Morganne's AkuRoku commish, Matt left @ 2PM, then Morganne and Sab had to leave around 4PM to catch the city bus to the Greyhound station ( ;_________; ).

So Jonathan and I went to see the last of the Charity Auction for Sick Kids. Hiyama-san donated his cellphone strap that had his family crest on it, as well as a necklace he wears all the time that has a special Shinsengumi thing on it AND THE SHINSENGUMI ARE MADE OF WIN. <3 Both items were sold for 300 bucks, to which Hiyama-san was very happy. :3

We then stayed to watch the 404's again. XD Gawd, those guys rock it every year. <3 And they had both the Eastern team aaaaaand the Western team!

though, i prefer the eastern doodz. :3

We then stayed for the Closing Ceremonies, where Hiyama-san, Jessie and Vic said their goodbyes. D': Twas sorta depressing... The director of AN always makes a point of giving stats each year: this year, we were about a total of 16 500 congoers! IN-FRIKKIN-SANE. D:

And, like every other year, there's a goodbye AMV they play. *sniff*

After that, Jonathan, Cassie and I went to Swiss Chalet for supper (though, Cassie was leaving soon, so she left after 20 mins or so to head back home with her friends).

Jonathan and I then went to get our luggage at the coat check... the hotel and the TCC was looking more and more empty. It was weird to think that, "I'm going back to my normal, boring life in a couple of hours. D:"

Hopped on the airport shuttle, checked in, and got on our flight back to Edmonton @ 8:40PM. Got back home @ 11PM-ish, Edmonton time.

Last Words

All in all, what a great con. I'm gonna miss it a lot, but I had tons of fun with everyone and can't wait for next year. <3

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